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Special order items from J & M's Butcher Shop
Special order items can be requested via email, by using the special order form at the bottom of this page or by phone. These items may have a specific weight and price (for example a whole roast), or may only be available periodically. (e.g. fish)
Please send us a message or call about the items you are interested in so we can inform you of our current stock, prices and availability.
Note also our meat bundles (multi item packs with discount pricing) by clicking the "bundles" button above.

Here are only some of our many special order items:
boneless bottom round roast , boneless chuck roast
boneless eye of the round roast , boneless loin strip roast , boneless rib-eye roast
boneless rump roast , boneless sirloin tip roast
boneless top round roast , boneless top sirloin roast, boneless tri-tip roast
whole boneless beef briskets
whole boneless beef tenderloins,
whole boneless beef top rounds
whole boneless bottom rounds, whole boneless eye of the round
whole boneless NY strips, whole boneless rib eyes, whole boneless sirloin, whole beef short loin
Other fine meats
bone-in crown pork roast
boneless stuffed pork chops (corn bread stuffing with cranberries)
boneless stuffed pork loin roast (corn bread stuffing with cranberries)
fresh baby back pork ribs
fresh pork tenderloin (twin pack)
chicken cordon bleu (ham & Swiss cheese)
Italian chicken breast (provolone cheese, spinach, salami & Italian seasoning)
stuffed chicken breast (cheddar cheese, asparagus & wrapped in bacon)
stuffed chicken breast (corn bread dressing & cranberries)
whole fryers, cut-up fryers
clifty farms whole country cured hams (avg. 15 to 17lbs.)
kentucky legend boneless half hams
lamb shanks, rack of lamb frenched new zealand
whole boneless leg of lamb
A variety of seafood is sold fresh in store Fridays and Saturdays.
Please call to enquire about pricing and current stock.

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